If you live in Maine and have: AIDS; chemotherapy or radiation to treat cancer; glaucoma; or seizures or muscle spasms due to a chronic debilitating disease, you may want to discuss with your doctor whether medical marijuana would be right for you.


Status of bill pending in the State Legislature: "An Act to Create a Pilot Project to Fully Implement the Maine Medical Marijuana Act of 1998"

click here to read current Maine law regarding Medical Marijuana

(This will put you in touch with your State Legislators.)

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Maine Marijuana Forum
our message forum for medical marijuana users and
supporters to meet, chat and exchange information

Mainers for Medical Rights
good resource,
has advice on talking to your doctor about
whether medical marijuana is right for you

Maine Vocals
a non-profit organization dedicated to
the legalization of marijuana in the State of Maine

Medical Information on Marijuana
from the renowned Schaffer Library

Media Awareness Project
local, national and international drug policy news
updated several times a day

The Compassion Club
Canada's largest medical marijuana club

Seed Select
list of Canadian and European marijuana seed retailers

The Urban Garden Store
Portland, Maine retailer of indoor gardening supplies & equipment

YaHooka ~ The Guide to Marijuana on the Internet
The Guide to Marijuana on the Internet


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